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NHP unveils new details of shooting at Red Rock Canyon

The Nevada Highway Patrol released new details Wednesday about the shooting of a Colorado man last week at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area’s scenic loop.

Body camera footage showed the moments leading up to and including the shooting of Erik Legried, 29, by officers on Thursday morning. Legried repeatedly did not comply with commands and was shot after he rammed his truck into by a Highway Patrol vehicle, Maj. Martin Mleczkco said in a video briefing.

Legried was shot in the leg and treated for nonlife-threatening injuries.

Those who shot at Legried were identified Wednesday as trooper Anthony Hernandez, 31, trooper Marcus McFadden, 31, and ranger Christopher Allen, 49, of the Bureau of Land Management. Allen and Hernandez fired five rounds, and McFadden fired three, according to the Highway Patrol.

Troopers, rangers and Las Vegas police officers responded to the scene near the visitor center after the Metropolitan Police Department received a call at 5:56 a.m. Thursday from a woman who said her son was “suicidal” and was threatening to drive head-on into other vehicles, Mleczkco said.

As officers pursued Legried around the area, they attempted to block him in and take him into custody. In body camera video, Legried rams into a police vehicle, then drives away as officers repeatedly yell “get out of the car!”

Another video shows a Highway Patrol vehicle ramming Legried’s truck on the driver’s side. Airbags than deploy, and Legried starts driving away. Officers then start shooting, and the truck stops a few seconds later.

In a final video, Legried screams “you already shot me in the leg!” as he is taken out of the truck, his leg bloodied.

After being briefly hospitalized, Legried was booked at the Clark County Detention Center.

Legried appeared in court Tuesday and had his bail affirmed at $100,000.

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