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Woman says she was forced to sign ‘love slave’ contract, police report says

Updated August 17, 2022 - 7:32 pm

A 65-year-old Clark County man is accused of forcing a woman to sign a “love slave” contract or be homeless.

The contact was even notarized, according to a Metropolitan Police Department arrest report released Wednesday.

James Rogan Campbell now faces a sex trafficking charge after the woman alleged that he forced her “to have sex with other men while he watched and collected money from those men,” the arrest report states.

In addition to allegedly threatening to throw the woman out on the streets, Campbell is also accused of verbally abusing the woman and threatening her at gunpoint if she didn’t have sex with the men.

The man’s lawyer slammed the allegations as untrue.

“The allegations are false and baseless,” said Michael Troiano, Campbell’s defense counsel. “In addition, the alleged victim’s own documentation that she provided to the police discredited her own allegations and statements.”

Campbell is a retired police officer. Troiano said Campbell served as an officer for more than 20 years in Utah “and has no prior criminal history whatsoever.”

Campbell’s arrest report indicates that Las Vegas police responded to multiple reports of domestic-related incidents involving the woman and Campbell over the past few years. Those incidents involved allegations of stalking and harassment, a domestic disturbance, domestic battery, battery to commit sex assault, and fraud, the arrest report states.

Troiano said Campbell has never been charged with any criminal offense before the current case. “This is the first time he has ever been arrested or charged for any criminal offense anywhere,” Troiano said.

‘Service Agreement’

The Las Vegas police probe in the current case began when a woman, whose name is redacted in arrest reports to protect her identity, contacted Metro in October to tell police that she was a victim of sex trafficking by Campbell.

A temporary protection order was in effect against Campbell from Oct. 4, 2021, to Nov. 3, 2021, the arrest report says.

According to the woman, Campbell drew up a “Service Agreement” contract, effective Sept. 27, 2021. The services to be provided would be “Fiance/Love slave,” the report says. The contract allegedly stated that Campbell would pay the woman a flat rate of $10,000.

The woman was also to be paid $100 for each visit to the Green Door, a well-known swingers club in Las Vegas, with a payment of $50 for each guy she brought to Campbell’s house, according to the report.

It wasn’t clear if the woman received any money. Asked if Campbell paid the woman $10,000 or any other amount, Troiano declined to comment.

The arrest report states the woman told police that whenever she “would obtain money, Campbell would take her money, stating that he needed it for necessities or bills for the house.”

The report also alleges Campbell withheld money from the woman while forcing to her to commit sex acts and go to the Green Door.

One of the contract’s clauses states that there will be no coercion, that if the woman were to say no to an arrangement, that would be respected, and that if Campbell were to ask her a second time, he’d be in breach of contract and have to pay a $25 penalty to her, the arrest report says.

Court date set

But the woman told police that the whole contract was based on coercion and that she was “forced and coerced” by Campbell into signing it or else be rendered homeless.

“She told Campbell on several occasions she did not want to have sex with men but he would just continue to threaten to throw her out,” the report says.

She also accused Campbell of exerting control over her through mental and physical abuse that included chasing her with a gun. He is also accused of secretly installing a tracker on her cellphone.

“She stated this type of activity has been occurring for years and has instilled fear into her so she would comply with Campbell’s sexual requests,” the report said.

Campbell was arrested on Aug. 11 and faces one count of sex trafficking of an adult.

Campbell was released on his own recognizance and ordered to not have any contact with his accuser. His next court date is scheduled for Sept. 27, court records show.

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