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Jane Seymour stars in ‘The War With Grandpa’

At age 69, she has a boyfriend. They walk the beaches of Malibu and grill the kind of fish and veggies that belong in a magazine spread. Jane Seymour is living, loving and learning how to make the best out of 2020. “I’ve spent the pandemic in Malibu. I kept the big house when everyone said, ‘Jane, you should get rid of it,’ ” she says. “The thing is in life … you don’t listen to everyone.

“One of my sons moved back in and he’s recording here, which is heaven to me,” she continues. “The other twin works with me.”

Sundays are spent “puttering around and growing my own fruits and veggies in the garden. It’s all about the simple things now. They mean more than ever before.”

Seymour also plays Diane, Robert De Niro’s love interest in the family film and No. 1 box-office hit “The War With Grandpa,” now in local theaters.

The film revolves around widower Ed (De Niro), who is forced to move in with his grown daughter Sally (Uma Thurman) and family. This doesn’t sit well with his grandson Peter (Oakes Fegley), who decides to pull a series of pranks to make his grandfather move out.

Review-Journal: This movie is about being pranked. Did anyone ever prank you on a film set?

Jane Seymour: It was 1973 and I was cast as a Bond girl in “Live and Let Die.” I’d sit with the director, producer and Roger Moore, who was Bond, at this big table for lunches and dinners. We’d bring our trays, eat and talk. One day, the minute I sat down, everyone picked up their trays and moved to another table like they didn’t want to be with me. I went back to my dressing room and cried unbelievably hard. It hurt my feelings for 30 years. Later, I found out Roger arranged it as a prank. And I didn’t see Roger until right before he passed. I went to see him to forgive him! And we had a good laugh about it.

What was the appeal of “The War With Grandpa?”

I can’t wait to show it to my grandchildren, who are 4 and 7 years old. What I do love is it works for all generations. It’s as funny as it’s heartfelt. It’s also amusing and works at every level, which is pretty rare. Sometimes, you have a family movie that makes the adults groan. That’s not the case here.

Did you know Robert De Niro from all your years in Hollywood?

I’ve seen him at events, but I didn’t really know him. Of course, I knew Christopher Walken, who played my husband in “Wedding Crashers.” All of a sudden, I’m in a scene in this movie playing dodgeball with them and children.

I had never seen a dodgeball game and never played it, especially not with a bunch of 10-year-olds on one side and people in their 70s and 80s on the other. Our side was pretending to be able-bodied, but everyone was lying! We looked at each other each time someone took a fall. We were all convinced that one of us would go out on a stretcher. I have to admit that I had some bumps and bruises.

Many families seem to be moving back together during COVID-19.

Families are coming back together for many reasons — safety, financial or even emotional reasons. Many people just don’t want to be alone, which is so valid. They love to spend the days with their family. They’re sharing life experiences, plus sharing the load. I love the idea of older people moving back in with younger ones. You can educate and pass on wisdom. And older people will finally have someone to help them when they turn on the stupid computer!

How do you look so ageless?

It’s what I don’t do. I don’t do face-lifts or Botox. Less is more in my opinion, which doesn’t mean I haven’t tried certain things. I just want to look like me and be as healthy as I can for as long as I can live. I’m happy that I can put on a gray wig and play 70 or put on a blond wig and wear some sexy clothes and play the cougar.

Your schedule remains insane. How are you coping with COVID-19, work and family?

My daughter is here with me right now with my grandchildren, which is magic. She’s an amazing cook. The house is so full of people, which just fills my heart with love. I was the one who actually left to do my two-week quarantine in Australia to make a movie and then I came back to Malibu and quarantined. I’m safe and sound. In two weeks, I go to Spain to film a 22-hour miniseries called “Glow in Darkness.” Later this year, I’m supposed to do more of “The Kominsky Method.”

Any chance that Dr. Quinn will return to the airwaves?

Yes! We’ve got it written and ready. As soon as we find a streaming company that wants to make it, we have the cast and the storyline. To be honest, it’s the perfect material for right now. Think of what happened at the turn of the century: You had everything from the immigration issues to a pandemic. It ticks every box.

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