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Las Vegas resident helps gamers turn their passion into a career

Millions of people enjoy video games. Las Vegas resident Peter Lam is on a mission to help people turn that passion into a career.

“Being a lifelong student, I’m super passionate about helping people out,” Lam said. “I have to share it in a way that impacts other people positively and helps them figure out what they want to do in a career.”

Lam, better known as Hansei GG online, has started making online tools, including videos and consultations, aimed at helping gamers build their brand and find a career in gaming.

“A lot of people want to work in esports, but they don’t know what’s available,” Lam said. “That’s what I want to help with. You have to know what opportunities are out there and how to hone your skills and position yourself to get those positions.”

For many, the desired path is creating content through streaming or pre-recorded material. But Lam said most content creators are missing one key ingredient: Determining what they want their brand to be.

“One of my favorite definitions from the brand ambassador himself, Marty Neumeier, is a brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, organization or a service and I’m going to add people in there too,” Lam said. “It’s really about how they see you and not about how you see yourself.”

Lam said he sees many content creators play the latest games, but without thought as to how they are setting themselves apart from other creators. Many people view streaming as a chance to play the games they want. But Lam said a different mental approach is necessary.

“You have to think about who you want to serve and what value are you bringing them,” Lam said. “Time is the most valuable asset. You can’t get it back at all. If people are going to spend their valuable time watching you, they have to get something from it.”

At its core, building a personal brand is based on forming a real relationship.

“Relationships are everything,” Lam said. “You have to have empathy and to genuinely care about the other person.”

As Lam continues to build his platforms, he’s hoping his love of teaching and passion for esports can help gamers around the world discover the direction in which they want to head.

“I’ve always enjoyed helping people out,” Lam said. “What made me decide to do this for my career was the realization that I could actually make a living teaching and helping others in an industry that I love.”

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