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Sandoval budget would cost CSN $26.7 million, president warns

The College of Southern Nevada would lose $26.7 million if Gov. Brian Sandoval’s budget is adopted, the community college’s president, Michael Richards, said Wednesday. He said the cuts amounted to 29 percent of its state support.

Hundreds voice concerns over budget cuts

Hundreds of people were lined up this morning, prepared to testify to state legislators about proposed budget cuts.
College students and faculty made up a large part of the crowd.

Teachers leverage children’s interest in space

Here’s one way to prompt what Doug Lombardi promises will be a “very spirited discussion” among middle school kids. Mention Pluto. Kids still are “very angry about Pluto’s demotion to a dwarf planet,” explains Lombardi, an area science educator and past president of the Southern Nevada Science Teachers Association.

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