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Cox Communications offers free long-distance calls to Ukraine

In an effort to ease tensions surrounding the war in Ukraine, Cox Communications is offering their customers free long-distance calls to that country and neighboring countries.

The promotion will last through Monday . Cox will provide free unlimited direct-dial calls from current and new Cox Voice customers. This will include landlines and wireless telephone numbers.

In a news release, Cox announced the company will provide Cox Voice customers with free long-distance calling to not only Ukraine but to Hungary, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria and Moldova to keep them connected with their families.

No action is required on the part of customers to take advantage of this service as long as they have Cox Voice services.

Man charged in killing had a chance to walk away, police say

A knife-wielding man had a chance to walk away after a man who was trying to disarm him lost his balance and fell in central Las Vegas, according to the Metropolitan Police Department.