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‘Free Solo’ climber Alex Honnold helps lead rescue

Alex Honnold is one of the most accomplished rock climbers in the world. He can add another feat to his list: Rescuer.

Honnold, who lives in Las Vegas, helped rescue climber Emily Harrington after she fell while climbing El Capitan in Yosemite National Park.

Harrington was attempting to climb El Capitan in less than 24 hours when she lost her grip, reports said.

Honnold told Good Morning America that Harrington was “using equipment in case of a fall but she was trying to just climb (El Capitan) with her hands and feet.”

Honnold helped the rescue effort to aid Harrington.

“We thought it was a very unusual situation in that she must have hit some things,” Honnold told GMA. “And also … she had rope around her neck which is a really unusual way for the rope to wrap around you so it’s hard to know what exactly happened but basically I caught the rope and she came to a stop and then we assessed the situation and helped her from there.”

Harrington posted on Instram that she was “banged up, but gonna be ok.”

Honnold gained fame thanks to the documentary, “Free Solo.”

He moved to Las Vegas in early 2017.

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