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Elizabeth Warren blasts Trump during Reno visit

RENO — In her second Nevada appearance this week, presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren engaged with supporters for more than an hour at a community college on Tuesday night, working through her campaign talking points on a wealth tax and “Medicare for All” proposals and reaffirming long-standing support for impeaching President Donald Trump.

The Democratic senator from Massachusetts said she called for Trump’s impeachment after the release of Mueller report on Russian interference in the 2016 election.

“I called for impeachment at that point, and I said it doesn’t matter whether it’s politically unpopular, it’s the right thing to do,” Warren told an audience organizers put at 650 people. “I called for impeachment at that point and said if we don’t go forward with an investigation, he’ll think he’s bulletproof and he’ll break the law again. And sure enough that’s exactly what he did with Ukraine in the summer.”

She added, summing up before submitting to the now-traditional selfie line, that the country “is in a crisis, and people in Washington don’t want to admit it.”

“We win when we have ideas big enough to meet the problems in people’s lives. That’s when we win,” she said.

Warren, on her fourth campaign trip to Northern Nevada, returned to attack Trump when she spoke to reporters after the event. Answering a question about South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s release of his McKinsey & Co. client list Tuesday, she pivoted back to the president.

“I think it is really important that as we go into the 2020 election that we have the best chance to win against Donald Trump,” she said. “And I think what that’s going to be is about prosecuting the case on corruption and drawing the distinction between this administration that is the most corrupt in living memory, and having a Democratic nominee who was willing to take on that corruption.”

Other takeaways

On her wealth tax: Warren said entrepreneurs were to be commended for turning great ideas into great wealth.

“But if you built a great fortune here in America, I guarantee you built it at least in part using workers all of us helped pay to educate,” she said.

On billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s entry into the race: “It’s clear that Michael Bloomberg thinks he can skip the democracy part of an election, getting out and hearing from voters, meeting with them, talking to them, and simply reach in his pocket and just keep dropping millions and millions of dollars to buy this way to an election.”

On her own at-home actions to combat climate crisis: Warren said she tries to use less plastic, shops less, put solar panels on her home and has one car.

“We’ve got two people, and sometimes that’s challenging,” she said.

Warren is scheduled to open a field office in Carson City this weekend, her ninth in Nevada.

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