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LETTER: A little editing of a recent letter on voting legislation

Robert Bencivenga’s July 21 letter addressing Victor Joecks’ column on “voter suppression” could just as easily, and more accurately, been written as follows:

“Victor Joecks’ commentary headlined ‘Voter suppression is a conspiracy theory’ was ingenious, to say the least. In every case where these common-sense restrictions have been put in place, they have enhanced electoral integrity so that every American can be confident of the outcome. In a divided country, where more than half of Americans express doubt about the outcome of the 2020 elections, these safeguards are sorely needed if the country is ever going to have confidence in the electoral process.

“Two facts from the Brenner Center for Justice: At least 16 mail voting safeguards in 12 states will make it more difficult for voters to cheat when voting by mail, enhancing confidence that every legal vote will be counted and not canceled by a fraudulent vote. At least eight states have enacted 11 safeguards that enhance electoral integrity when voting in-person.

“Shouldn’t we be making it harder for voters to cheat, not easier?”

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