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LETTER: Abortion was never a constitutional right

Within moments of the Supreme Court issuing its ruling overturning Roe vs. Wade, President Biden was before the American people slamming the court and its ruling. “This is not over,” he declared. “The health and life of women across the nation are now at risk” on what he called “a sad day for the court and the country.” He called for Americans to elect more Democrats who would safeguard rights upended by the court’s decision. (“Biden vows to fight on abortion,” June 25).

Had Biden even had time to read the ruling in its entirety? I doubt it. Abortion was never a constitutional right under the constitution and this ruling does not outlaw abortion, but justly returns its regulation to the states. How very sad that we have a president who neither respects nor upholds our institutions. He sees this important issue as nothing more than a political opportunity to save his failing administration.

LETTER: Joe Lombardo’s abortion extremism

Mr. Lombardo has skirted questions on the overturning of Roe, as well as the governor’s executive order that expands abortion protections

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