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LETTER: After Roe falls, it’s time to be angry

Sunday’s editorial (“After Roe falls, keeps protests peaceful”) reminded me of the joke, “But other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?” Your editorial spent a half page bemoaning a violent reaction while a 50-year civil right was stripped from women. There is no more fundamental right than having control over one’s body. I am sure Mrs. Lincoln had time to think about the play after she buried her husband.

LETTER: Joe Lombardo’s abortion extremism

Mr. Lombardo has skirted questions on the overturning of Roe, as well as the governor’s executive order that expands abortion protections

LETTER: Breaking up America’s two-party monopoly

The Democratic and Republican parties are both multibillion-dollar businesses. Why hasn’t the FTC and various other antitrust entities moved to break them up?