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LETTER: Athletes, protests and racial ‘justice’

I read all of the stories in the Aug. 28 Review-Journal sports section about the players and leagues of every professional sport protesting. But while they all spoke to the issue of “racial injustice,” they were all silent on the arson, shooting and murders going on in large cities across America and now reaching small communities such as Kenosha, Wisconsin.

While the majority of Americans agree that the horrible actions by a few police officers need to stop with the bad police officers weeded out and justice served, the sports protest for racial justice is being drowned out by all of the violent rioting, looting and burning down of businesses, many of which are owned by African Americans and other minorities.

It was disappointing that not one article or sports columnist and not one professional sports league owner or athlete condemned these actions. Don’t they realize that their issue has been hijacked by outside influencers, along with anarchists and criminal opportunists? Their message is being drowned out because of their silence.

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Your Oct. 21 story “Reported positivity number erroneous” demonstrates the difficulties of interpreting data available to the general public.

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Gov. Steve Sisolak seems to do a good job telling everyone how to avoid getting COVID. but his agencies are inefficient at best and incompetent at worst.