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LETTER: Big Tech, the White House and vaccine ‘misinformation’

With all the yammering from the current administration urging Big Tech companies to remove items from social media which, according to the White House, misrepresent facts or otherwise present false information regarding the virus, who or what will determine what is accurate information? Not one word has been said defining the criteria that will be utilized to determine what is considered a false fact, a misrepresentation or an outright lie.

Is it information that doesn’t meet a certain ideology? Information from a particular person, organization or entity? Is it information that has been scientifically verified and validated but runs counter to a political agenda? Is it a method to silence people who have different opinions, thereby eliminating open discussions aimed to reach acceptable solutions for people who do not want to be mandated into accepting only one choice? Or is it a means to solidify and augment the statement, “Truth is what we say is truth”?

Without knowing what criteria will be used, people are free to believe anything they choose.

LETTER: Vaccine mandates and bribes

I can’t go to see the Raiders? Where’s the closet vaccine location?