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LETTER: CCSD board needs to listen to the public

The CCSD Board of Trustees is considering substantial changes in their public comments policy that will reduce the time for public comments. Don’t the elected Trustees work for the people of Clark County? So, if you work for us, why don’t you want to hear from us?

Power is intoxicating; however you are dealing with the learning process to prepare today’s students to become responsible adults and productive members of society. And quite frankly the results of the Board’s leadership and decisions are horrific as CCSD students’ performance continually ranks at or near the bottom nationwide. Far too many students are pushed through the system in lieu of being held back to master reading, writing and arithmetic. Further, restorative lax discipline policies approved by the Board allow disruptive classroom behavior to be the norm.

Maybe it’s time for the board’s performance to be evaluated on the success or lack thereof of their policies and allow more public comment about a school district that is mired in internal politics, power and unacceptable results.

LETTER: Homework for kids does little good

I suggest we try a different path: decrease school pressure and encourage pleasure reading.