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LETTER: Clark County commissioners are now the misinformation police?

Did I read your Wednesday headline right? “County: Misinformation a public health crisis.” Really? Of all the business Clark County has to be handled, this is what our commissioners feel is the most important? I read a book once where the Ministry of Truth was instigated by the bad guys. The bad guys lost big time.

Who is to determine what is “misinformation”? Our trusted commissioners? What qualifications do they have to establish anything as truth or not? And if there’s no punishment for anyone who holds and exercises different views, then why even make the declaration?

Battle Born is run by Nanny Staters.

LETTER: Free school lunches for all comers!

I don’t remember agreeing with anything Victor Joecks has written, but his column on free lunch for all kids in the Clark County School District was on the mark.