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LETTER: Clark County must get the kids back to school

The kids need to be back in school. The isolation and stress on our children is causing irreparable harm. After listening to the latest meeting, I realized, however, that the Clark County School Board trustees seem to be locked in a circle of ineptitude. Here are two viable solutions:

1) Break the kids into three groups (modeled after the year-round schedule). Each group would go for six weeks of in-person instruction. This would allow the teachers to fully immerse the students in the lesson plans and to evaluate which kids are having trouble. It would also allow the parents to make more solid plans in terms of work and supervision for the kids. Furthermore, each school would have one-third of the students present, which would help with social distancing.

2) Have two cohorts. Cohort 1 would go for two weeks, while Cohort 2 stays in distance learning. Again, this would make it less chaotic for the parent to find day care for the children who need it. Each school would have half the students present, which still allows for social distancing. The two weeks on, two weeks off schedule would also fulfill the mandatory two week quarantine if there happened to be an outbreak in the schools. It would also be easier to do contact tracing then having all the kids go two days on and two days off.

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