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LETTER: COVID hysteria?

The headline on your Monday editorial referring to “renewed COVID-19 hysteria” is ego-tripping, Monday morning quarterbacking. The implication of previous pandemic hysteria is false.

Yes, in a perfect world, with no hurry, one should first try a most likely solution to a problem, see how that works and then the next. But not when tens of thousands are dying, hospitals are overflowing and medical staff are burning out. Then the exactly correct response is to try everything at once and sort out the good from the bad later.

LETTER: Will Michelle Obama ride to the rescue?

Rumors are rampant that former first lady Michelle Obama will come to the Democratic Party’s rescue in 2024 as the party nominee.

LETTER: The Senate ditches its dress code

Recently, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced the Senate will no longer enforce a dress code.

LETTER: Time to stand up for journalists

Kudos to Review-Journal Executive Editor Glenn Cook for standing up for his newsroom.