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LETTER: Democrats look to maintain a permanent underclass

If you are an American citizen, you are of little value to today’s Democratic Party. If you identify as a Democrat, a patriotic citizen, support the Declaration of Independence and believe in the U.S. Constitution, sadly, you have no representation in today’s government.

The Democratic Party depends on maintaining a permanent underclass to keep its grip on power. In recent years minority groups all over the country have started to realize that this continuation of poverty from generation to generation is by design, and they have started to leave this party. Our open southern border is an attempt to replace the permanent underclass they have lost.

New York City has decided to give non-citizens the right to vote. Is there no value to being an American citizen?

If you are a patriotic American citizen and you support today’s Democratic Party, you are voting for your own demise.

LETTER: Congress looks into UFOs

Visiting aliens probably concluded there was no intelligent life on Earth.