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LETTER: Dividing America by race

I’m a 69 year old White (with a capitol “W”) Vietnam vet, and you can take this to the bank: I’m not ashamed of how I’ve treated other people during my life and I’m not ashamed to be White. I refuse to hold myself responsible for any matters that occurred before I was born or for the actions of others since then.

There is no member of any race on the face of this Earth who can convince me they would hold themselves individually accountable for every action of every other person of the same race — in either a historical context or in society today. I wouldn’t expect you to do so. Why expect me?

For a country that professes to find stereotypes so repugnant, how is it then that an academic agenda can proliferate that specifically blames one — and only one — race for every perceived ill in today’s society? The mother of all stereotypes.

If the goal of the politicians and “wokesters” was to divide this country based on race, then pat yourselves on the back, boys and girls. Mission accomplished.