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LETTER: DMV goes all appointment

In Mick Akers’ article on the DMV going to all appointments, the agency says the majority of vehicles purchased from a Nevada dealer can be registered online. But “just 47 percent of those eligible are doing so.”

I purchased a new car this spring and wanted to carry my license plates from my old car to my new one. If it were possible to do this online, the DMV websites (yes, plural) provided no information to that effect. Just the opposite, in fact. I spent a good deal of time bouncing between the official DMV site (dmvapp.nv.gov/) and the “other” DMV site (dmv.nv.gov/) trying to see whether I had to come in. Nothing I found indicated I could register my new car with my old license plates in any way other than in person.

Perhaps the reason DMV is seeing more people in person is because their websites – why are there two of them? – are not nearly as clear about how do to things without coming in. I suppose there are some folks who like going to the DMV, but I’ve just never met or even heard of one.