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LETTER: Electric cars are the epitome of hypocrisy

Michael Ramirez’s April 25 cartoon encapsulates the sheer folly of the “unrealistic, costly and centrally controlled climate plan.” One Secret Service agent is asking where the sun is, and the other has a gas can and is thumbing for a ride. Sadly, the joke may be on us.

It brings to mind the Twitter clip I saw recently in which Kristin Zimmerman of General Motors is introducing the Chevy Volt and touting how easy it is to charge. Everything goes great until a reporter asks her where the electricity comes from that charges the car. Surprise: It comes from Lansing Power where 95 percent of electricity is generated from coal.

Electric cars in many ways are the epitome of hypocrisy. They get their charge from the grid where the majority of electricity comes from either natural gas or (heaven forbid) coal. Hey, here’s an idea, all the charging stations that the administration is championing should source their power from solar and not the grid. Maybe that mandate should include home-charging connections also.