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LETTER: Gov. Sisolak, the virus and masks

In his Tuesday letter, Anthony Palmer asks of Gov. Steve Sisolak, “How could he have gotten COVID-19?” The underlying message is that clearly masks cannot work, as the governor surely wears them.

Here is a likely answer: He got COVID, perhaps indirectly, from noncompliant people who disdain masks. The governor meets with a lot of people, for example the members of the Legislature. According to a picture published in the Review-Journal, some of the legislators chose to wear their masks under the nose, apparently not understanding that the nose and lungs are connected.

The typical surgical mask does relatively little to protect the wearer. It is meant to prevent the wearer from spreading his or her own germs to others.

Every time I visit a supermarket or hardware store, I see people with masks pulled below their noses or chins. I’ve even seen cashiers and stockers at the grocery store wear masks incorrectly. Often these people want to get really close to talk to me.

LETTER: Forced COVID vaccinations aren’t the way to go

While we are forcing folks to change their attitudes, shouldn’t we compel everyone to agree with everyone else so we can end the diversity of thought that has helped make America great?