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LETTER: Gov. Steve Sisolak should go into stand-up comedy

Gov. Steve Sisolak stated that he believes Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske’s request to oversee the third-party collection of harvested ballots is purely for political reasons (Wednesday Review-Journal). When Gov. Sisolak’s term is up, he should go into standup comedy. This coming from a man who, with his gang of Democratic cronies, passed a piece of legislation that allows for in-home harvesting of ballots with no oversight in the chain of possession.

The mere fact that this governor wants no oversight of these harvested ballots speaks volumes. I know, you know and anyone who isn’t complicit in this scam — and it is a scam — knows what this is all about.

Just a few short months ago, 230,000 primary ballots were undeliverable. They were delivered to people who had moved or died. The ballots were everywhere. The ballots for the November election are going to be mailed out once again to those same people.

Knowing of the disaster that took place with the primary ballots, why wouldn’t you want to make sure that the ballots for the presidential election were safe and secure? You know why and so do I.

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