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LETTER: Government COVID vaccine mandates aren’t viable

In response to the Nov. 21 letter, “Shot mandate,” from Stuart Lipoff:

Mr Lipoff demands that the government mandate COVID vaccinations using “incentives” such as withholding licensing to professionals, teachers, food handlers and hairdressers and making employment and school attendance conditional as well, among other ideas. So an iron fist in a silk glove is disguised as an “incentive”? When it’s used to caress your face as motivation to get vaccinated, are those teeth you spit out? Oh, and how long before the ID card verifying your compliance must be carried and what other “compliance” will be required and demanded on your “papers”?

In a free country, we can do better than walk down this road. Let’s get smart and respect our freedoms and each other.

LETTER: COVID vaccines and age

No one’s life is any more important than any other in this battle.

LETTER: Prisoners want to make the minimum wage?

If all us taxpayers have to cover their wages, then maybe the prison system should start charging them for room and board.

LETTER: Big Tech censors are running the country

After living through the turbulent ’60s and lots of scary times since, this is perhaps the darkest time of my 78 years.