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LETTER: Hollywood strikers many need to find other jobs

In the entertainment industry, the actors and writers are on strike for more money and benefits. Their occupation could be on the chopping block. Just like cellphones made countess products obsolete, so goes Artificial Intelligence making careers in the entertainment industry obsolete.

AI can write screenplays in minutes and digitally master a human figure, speech and movements to the level one cannot tell the difference between an AI creation and the real human on the screen. The movies we watch are digital creations, of which AI can today replicate. The writers and actors can be completely replaced with today’s AI capabilities.

These people will need to look for careers in plumbing, electrical work or carpentry. These careers are not represented through digital media. AI will need hardware (robots) to replace these jobs. Robots are down the line many years. The bad news is if AI can develop robots to do these tasks, then it most likely will have created robots to eliminate humans and their need for carpenters and plumbers.

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