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LETTER: I have 30 years of teaching experience, but CCSD won’t hire me

The truth about the teacher shortage in the Clark County School District is inefficiency. I retired from NYC Department of Education four years ago. I have a Masters in Special Education. I have applied to CCSD. I received a phone call. Then nothing.

It mystified me how they claim a shortage and say that they will accept GEDs to teach, yet they question my credentials and want more than proof of my M.S.Ed. I want to teach. I cannot because of red tape. This is why the teacher shortage will never end in CCSD.

I would love help getting a job. After all, I only have 30 years of experience.

LETTER: Joe Lombardo’s abortion extremism

Mr. Lombardo has skirted questions on the overturning of Roe, as well as the governor’s executive order that expands abortion protections

LETTER: Breaking up America’s two-party monopoly

The Democratic and Republican parties are both multibillion-dollar businesses. Why hasn’t the FTC and various other antitrust entities moved to break them up?