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LETTER: If only mere mortals wouldn’t bother the education experts

Many thanks to Richard Strickland for pointing out in his Friday letter that, if mere mortals would only stop trying to micromanage the Clark County School Board and just let the teachers teach, they’d all start doing their jobs. Really? That attitude makes me wonder if Mr. Strickland has the slightest idea what the district’s track record on student achievement reflects about the quality of their work while they’ve been doing their jobs — assuming, of course, he would agree education is in fact their job.

To Mr. Strickland’s point that we should be concerned about our own lives and responsibilities, thank you. But questioning the quality of our children’s education is included. Parents, please don’t be cowed into silence by bumbling bureaucrats and their sycophants.

LETTER: Another mass shooting

How long before we hear Alex Jones claim that the children and adults killed in the Texas gun massacre were actors?

LETTER: Texas school shooting hits close to home

Wednesday morning, we received the news that one of our great-grandsons was too frightened to go to school. Too bad all senators and representatives did not get that same call.