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LETTER: Jury duty in Clark County and COVID safety

I recently received a jury summons. I am 68 years old with underlying conditions but fully vaccinated. I requested to be excused because of my age and was denied. I went on my scheduled day and was pleased to see the seats in the prospective juror room distanced and sanitized. I was baffled when, upon entering the courtroom, I saw the jury box was not distanced. We also passed around a microphone to respond to the judge’s questions. It was disturbing to be in close quarters in a small room. Thankfully, I was not chosen.

I know there is a need for jurors because cases are backed up. But during these COVID times, certain people should be excused or the courthouse needs to step up and follow safety guidelines for everyone involved.

LETTER: Break up the two-party monopoly

It would be funny if it weren’t so sad, but I don’t know how people can be so blind to the blatant monopoly and collusion of the Democratic and Republican parties.