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LETTER: Kit Carson Elementary meets cancel culture

So Kit Carson Elementary is on the hit list for the latest round of cancel culture schemes in Clark County (Friday Review-Journal). Once again, local politicos are on the move to remake Las Vegas history.

Wasting up to $40,000 of taxpayer money for the name change is no problem for members of the School Board. It’s not their money, so who cares?

Considering the sorry financial state we are currently in and that we are unable to get mandated unemployment funding out to desperate local families, here’s another example of misguided dictates promoted by the elite. Trustee Linda Young, pushing this cancel-culture project, evidently knows what’s best for us, the unwashed.

Our schools are rated as very poor in national surveys. With such shameful stats, why are we spending more taxpayer money to promote pet projects?

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Your Oct. 21 story “Reported positivity number erroneous” demonstrates the difficulties of interpreting data available to the general public.

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Gov. Steve Sisolak seems to do a good job telling everyone how to avoid getting COVID. but his agencies are inefficient at best and incompetent at worst.