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LETTER: Money-bags Bloomberg looks to help Joe Biden

Michael Bloomberg gives $100 million to bolster Joe Biden in Florida. How could that be? All we hear from Democrats and liberals is how corrupting big money is and the necessity of getting it out of politics. What do we hear from them now? Nothing but hypocritical crickets.

You also need to add super-rich donors such as Tom Steyer, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, George Soros, Wall Street backers, Hollywood heavies and dozens of behind-the-scenes uber-rich angels, foundations and trusts. Of course it’s their money to give. However, if Democrat voters think the party looks out for them and answers to the working men, women and minorities, they should seriously think again.

LETTER: The Supreme Court, Congress and the Constitution

Steve Sebelius’s Sunday commentary on the Supreme Court displays a selective memory when it comes to understanding the Constitution and history.

LETTER: Trump refusals to guarantee peaceful transition

Supporting the confirmation of President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee while he refuses to commit to peacefully transferring power if he loses the election is no better than supporting a coup.

LETTER: Trump is destroying the republic? What?

I’m in confusion and dismay after reading Jacqueline Robins’ Friday letter to the editor. Are we residing in the same country?

LETTER: COVID vaccine must be voluntary

President Donald J. Trump must announce that the COVID-19 vaccine is voluntary, just like President Vladimir Putin announced for Russia.