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LETTER: Nevada and government lobbying

The Review-Journal’s April 26 editorial, “Time to end taxpayer-funded government lobbying,” was interesting until the part reporting that the National Council of State Legislatures supports the idea that an agency may use “only full time employees dealing with the legislative branch.” How would that work for us?

Here in Nevada, there are so many government employees sitting in the most important positions of power (speaker of the Assembly, Majority leader of the Senate, chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, etc., etc.) — all in direct violation of Article 3 Section 1 of our state Constitution’s separation of powers doctrine — that imposing the “only full time employees” rule would make the system even worse: government employees lobbying government employees on behalf of governments. No conflict of interest there, right?

The wall of wealth, power and privilege between the government “insiders” and the people makes the Berlin Wall look like a kid’s sandcastle facing the incoming tide. Get government employees out of elected office.