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LETTER: Nevada congressional delegation should push jackpot withholding reform

Sunday’s letter to the editor from Rick Darnold on jackpot withholding makes sense. Current taxation on gaming is not only outdated but unfair and, overall, probably hurting our gaming industry, which our state depends on for much of its revenue.

The current $1,200 threshold is too low for reporting slot jackpots and, given the sneaky change a few years ago, requires all winners to itemize deductions in order to write off their losses. This can force people to give up their current $12,000 standard deduction.

We need our Nevada congressional representatives to get this reform done. How about a flat tax of 10 percent on a $3,000 jackpot collected on the spot — no questions asked, no hassle for the player — submitted directly to the IRS by the casino/gaming company, regardless of citizenship or filing status?

LETTER: Do Nevada lawmakers live in the real world?

Does Assemblywoman Leslie Cohen, sponsor of Assembly Bill 380, know anything about natural gas? Suppose we ban natural gas in Nevada. What would happen?

LETTER: Carbon tax, free market are the best regulators

Your editorial criticizing Assembly Bill 380, which aims to reduce the amount of natural gas Nevadans use, misses the better way of regulating greenhouse gas emissions: the free market.