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LETTER: No need to panic over latest COVID uptick

It seems that local authorities are leaning toward mandating masks again and possibly reverting back to limiting indoor occupancy. This would be a massive denunciation of the science regarding the low risk to the vaccinated and poor mask efficiency. Only properly worn N-95 masks are effective in blocking the virus. The paper and cloth masks are little more than a punitive gesture meant to “encourage” vaccination. We the people — especially the vaccinated — are not encouraged by social theater.

Authorities: Do not punish 100 percent to coerce the 15 percent to 20 percent who have yet to be vaccinated to reach the target vaccination threshold of 70 percent. Do not even consider knee-capping businesses and closing schooling again. The Delta variant is very opportunistic, but no more deadly to the younger than the original strain or the seasonal flu. The risks to the public and their political leaders associated with this uptick are far different than last year’s health risk.

LETTER: Vaccine mandates and bribes

I can’t go to see the Raiders? Where’s the closet vaccine location?