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LETTER: Phony Russia collusion scandal deserves attention

When I woke up Wednesday morning, I opened the Fox News internet site. The top stories all had to do with the investigation of the involvement of the CIA and FBI in the Russia collusion probe and the Donald Trump campaign.

I then went to the CNN website, and there was nothing about it. Are we living in a parallel universe? The investigation into the subverting of a presidential campaign is a non-story in some quarters? Is that where we’re at?

James Comey, the head of the FBI at the time, now acts like the three monkeys under congressional questioning. He heard nothing, he said nothing and he saw nothing. In my opinion, Mr. Comey is a traitor.

If someone doesn’t go to prison for this disaster, I can assume only that this country has begun the slide into non-existence. If the CIA and the FBI can actively be involved in the attempted sabotage of a presidential campaign, we as a country are truly in demise.

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