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LETTER: Republicans need to accept the election results

The Review-Journal sports page frequently runs a “Bad Beats” column chronicling wagers that appeared to be sure winners but inexplicably went the other way. All sporting contests are subject to bad calls, no calls and the like by those officiating. Bettors with thousands of dollars wagered don’t usually file lawsuits to replay the game or overturn the result. Sportsbooks don’t refund bets due to these bad calls. Teams don’t go to court seeking do-overs. All concerned accept the result and hope for the best next time.

GOP Candidates Jim Marchant and April Becker are following in the steps of Donald Trump to ask those in black robes to put on striped shirts and second guess voters and election officials. The idea of having to replay the election in this environment is not only absurd, it’s frightening. In the game of politics, as in a sporting contest, there are good calls and bad. When you sign up to run, you accept that framework. Accept defeat, shake hands and move on.

LETTER: Forced COVID vaccinations aren’t the way to go

While we are forcing folks to change their attitudes, shouldn’t we compel everyone to agree with everyone else so we can end the diversity of thought that has helped make America great?