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LETTER: Republicans trying to undermine the democratic process

Former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt and the state Republican Party need to stop abusing the courts and making baseless accusations of voter fraud. It is ridiculous to believe (as he claims) that 15,000 people were willing to commit a felony by voting for Joe Biden in one state and then coming to Nevada to vote again for Mr. Biden. Also, Mr. Laxalt claims another 500 people were willing to commit a felony by submitting ballots of deceased people, all for Mr. Biden. Stop trying to undermine the democratic process.

LETTER: COVID vaccines and age

No one’s life is any more important than any other in this battle.

LETTER: Prisoners want to make the minimum wage?

If all us taxpayers have to cover their wages, then maybe the prison system should start charging them for room and board.

LETTER: Big Tech censors are running the country

After living through the turbulent ’60s and lots of scary times since, this is perhaps the darkest time of my 78 years.