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LETTER: Short-term rental restrictions were much needed

In response to the June 23 article, “Short-term rentals go forward.” First, I would like to thank the county for having the courage to go forward with this comprehensive law. A neighborhood is supposed to be a place where we can come home after a day at work and enjoy peace and quiet with our family, not a motel parking lot nor a nightclub.

The claim that short-term rentals are just a way for normal folks to make a little extra money is mostly untrue. Most of the rentals are owned by the investment conglomerates, not folks trying to supplement their income. They are real estate investors whose only interest is in making profit from the homes they rent.

My family and I have suffered through one of these short-term rentals that was turned into a party house. Parties on weekends often lasted until 2 a.m. or later. The problem grew and got considerably worse, when renters decided to hold a rave, they charged admission and sold alcohol, this went on for two consecutive weeks.

In my estimation this is a good law and should help control this problem.

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