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LETTER: The debt ceiling threats

Well, the U.S. government has reached its debt limit (surprise). So what are they going to do about it? They are telling the American people that if it is not fixed they will cut Social Security, Medicare and veteran benefits. These are cuts to the very Americans who gave tax dollars to run this country.

Here are some ideas: Why not stop sending taxpayer money to other countries. Even if it is for a short period of time until America is back on its feet. Reduce the amount of dollars spent on infrastructure projects until they can be afforded. Stop giving money to people coming to this country illegally.

When a country is in trouble, you do everything to save the country and deal with the people whom this might anger later. At least you will still have a country to deal with the problems. If the United States is gone, who will they drain money from? Save America first.

LETTER: Septic tank bill would be a burden to homeowners

The naturally cleaned water coming out of septic systems is not lost, nor will forcing homeowners to change to sewer provide more than a drop in the bucket toward this drought.

LETTER: Biden’s inflation triggers problems with banks

Be aware that all banks have most of their reserves in low interest bonds, and more closures can result if depositors want to withdraw their money.

LETTER: What’s wrong with Making America Great Again?

As long as the Left is name-calling, I propose those on the right start referring to the Left as DEAD Democrats, standing for Destroying Every American’s Dream.