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LETTER: There are few heroes in politics

I recently read an apt definition of the word “hero.” It said a hero is “someone who does something that they are not expected to do.” That certainly leaves out all our elected officials, who are as predictable as the sun rising in the East. Politicians are, foremost, job preservationists who will promise anything to get or stay elected.

If you recently voted a certain way because you now expect to get something in return … well, best of luck with that. Perhaps one day, like the Phoenix, a true hero will rise from the political ashes and restore politics to what it was meant to be: a system for the betterment of the people not the politician. That would truly be unexpected

LETTER: Forced COVID vaccinations aren’t the way to go

While we are forcing folks to change their attitudes, shouldn’t we compel everyone to agree with everyone else so we can end the diversity of thought that has helped make America great?