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LETTER: Trump ignores rules, gets virus

Updated October 5, 2020 - 9:12 pm

First, I hope President Donald Trump returns to full health. That being said, this is a man who scoffed at the COVID-19 virus when it first arrived in the United States and then flouted the advice of medical experts when the virulent nature of the virus became apparent.

Mr. Trump refused to wear a mask and follow social distancing guidelines and, reportedly, instructed or “influenced” White House staff to do the same: bad optics. He then attended political functions where neither he nor his audience had much in the way of masking or distancing.

But my bigger point is that after flouting all the medical advice and ridiculing those who wore masks and social distanced, the president is now entitled to the best medical care in the country at taxpayer expense. He had a cadre of doctors present at a medical briefing recently and is getting “infused” with an experimental drug. All this for someone who discounted the effects and preventative measures against the virus.

I’m betting most “regular” people who have or will contract the disease — and perhaps did follow guidelines — will not have the level of care afforded to the president, a man who apparently disregarded all measures. Fair or unfair?

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