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LETTER: UNLV football and a slot machine icon

Using a giant slot machine as the icon for UNLV Rebel football may accurately portray the crap-shoot luck of the Rebels, but is about as appropriate as having the players sit in a hot tub with a high profile gambler — not a really good image for UNLV (Thursday Review-Journal).

If UNLV officials really wish to “spark the players and the crowd,” they might do more public relations for the players. Publicize their scholastic abilities and aspirations, their sense of character and their general history. Human interest is a better association for UNLV sports than a gambling icon.

LETTER: Hong Kong vs. New York

A case study in how masks slow COVID spread.

CARTOON: Guns or butter?

As China increases its advanced weaponry at a fast pace, progressives push to shrink the defense budget to fund an ever-growing welfare state.