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LETTER: Joe Biden and tax increases

Why doesn’t Mr. Biden just keep printing $100 bills so tax increases aren’t necessary?

LETTER: Ceasing to use natural gas will drive up energy costs

As a senior citizen on a fixed income, how would Nevada’s plan to transition away from natural gas as part of its climate strategy affect me and the others like me who have gas-connected houses?

LETTER: Media pushes narrative in Atlanta shooting

The reporting on the Atlanta spa murders is an example of how far the mainstream media stray from the truth and how damaging that can be.

LETTER: Nevada should keep the death penalty

I see from the Sunday Review-Journal that Nevada legislators are at it again in an attempt to eliminate the death penalty.

LETTER: Democrats and Phil E. Buster

Democrats claim Phil E. Buster is a villain and even has a new (old) nickname: Jim Crow.

LETTER: With Biden, the buck stops somewhere else

Because President Joe Biden has no clue how to resolve the crisis he created at the border and doesn’t want to take ownership of it, he has assigned Vice President Kamala Harris to deal with it.