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Mailbag: Raiders fans curious about Kaepernick, offensive line

The Raiders have wrapped up their first week of Phase 3 of their offseason program.

A lot went down this week, including the workout they conducted with Colin Kaepernick, the up-close look they are getting at their bolstered roster and the hands-on dynamic between coaches and players.

It’s left Raiders fans with a ton of questions ranging from who stood out, what to make of the Kaepernick news and if the Raiders are contemplating any roster additions.

Here is a sampling from this week’s Raiders mailbag:

Ricardo Peña (@Ricardo3176854): Now that you’ve gotten a chance to see him on the field, what is your assessment on Alex Leatherwood’s improvement? How different does he look?

Vincent Bonsignore: Leatherwood looks good, physically, and he lined up primarily at right tackle, which is a strong sign he will get every opportunity to reclaim that spot. If he can lock it down, it will help the offensive line immensely.

Leatherwood brings the necessary size, power and athletic ability to the position, but there were some fundamental issues from last year that have to get cleaned up in order for him to take a step forward.

The two-hour look of him Thursday offered some clues, but until the pads come on and a better look at his handwork and pass-block fundamentals, it is difficult to assess how much he has improved.

Khaled Abdallah (@khaled74): What are the chances the Raiders actually sign Colin Kaepernick?

VB: If the Raiders believe he can improve their team, the chances are good. This will be a football decision based on that determination.

Clutch King (@2ClutchCarlson): Since Dylan Parham is listed at guard, does that mean Andre James has secured a spot in the starting five?

VB: Probably a safe assumption. And to James’ credit, he played well during the second half of last season. However, there is a mandate that everyone has to earn their jobs, so it will be interesting to see after minicamp if they add another center — or any other position.

Kenny Nauta (@_kennynauta): Is Nate Hobbs a safety now? Or is the new coaching staff just trying to see if he’s versatile enough to play that position if needed?

VB: Kudos on the excellent reporting skills. Hobbs was listed on the Raiders OTA roster Thursday as a safety. It certainly raised some eyebrows, and good on you to notice. That said, it was merely a typo. Hobbs is strictly a cornerback.

Nardical (@Nardical2): Obviously very early into camp but is there a player or position group that is standing out, in a good or bad way?

VB: It was impossible not to be impressed by the depth and physicality of the wide receivers. Davante Adams stands out in a big way.

skee! (@yawnskee): How does the new regime feel about Trayvon Mullen? I wish they’d instill confidence in him, we’ve seen him ball out plenty.

VB: The sense is they are eager to get him back on the field and get an up-close look at him. He’s shown that, when healthy, he can play at a productive level. And they know that. They just need him healthy.

Jack (@Jack97041358): Are they really happy with the offensive line and secondary?

VB: As far as the offensive line, it feels like that can be an area they continue to tinker with. They won’t make a move to just make a move. But if there is a viable player out there that can help, the sense is they would do it.

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