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Mailbag: Should Raiders pursue free agent Odell Beckham?

It has been an emotional week, to say the least, for the Raiders and their fans.

But as the club returns from the bye week, still reeling from the Henry Ruggs situation, the focus needs to be on football, starting on Sunday against the New York Giants.

The fans, though, have questions. Here is a sampling of what arrived in this week’s mailbag:

Vlasi (@vlasi21): What are your thoughts on Odell Beckham for the Raiders? I’m on the fence due to injuries and how he may disrupt team chemistry. On the flip side, I know Carr can bring out the best in him. Thoughts?

VINCENT BONSIGNORE: Since the Browns have released Beckham, it would behoove the Raiders to at least kick the tires. Remember, the Ruggs situation isn’t just a 2021 deal. The Raiders were counting on him to be a focal point into the future. Two weeks ago his position was solidified for years, now he is completely out of the picture and the Raiders need to find a long-term replacement.

Beckham would solve that problem.

But they would have to figure out if Beckham will be a team player and fit in rather than the distraction he’s turned out to be in New York and now Cleveland.

Steve G. (@GladsonSteven): With Henry Ruggs gone, will the Raiders immediately move Zay Jones into the starting receiver spot? Will they use Darren Waller more as a receiver and have Foster Moreau take over more TE packages?

VB: Yes, Zay Jones is the immediate replacement for Ruggs. He is a solid option given his speed and familiarity with the offense. Waller typically lines up all over the field, so that won’t change. Point taken on Moreau, though. This can open the door for more groupings in which he is a part.

Mikey BSloth (@mikeyb_03): What’s the injury status of Trayvon Mullen and Damon Arnette?

VB: Both players remain on the injured reserve list. While both are eligible to return to the active roster, neither practiced this week.

More information on their situations is expected next week

★Andrew ✎ Jimenez★ (@AndYMoMoney): Any update on Nicholas Morrow or Richie Incognito? When are they coming back?

VB: Much like Mullen and Arnette, both Morrow and Incognito are on the injured reserve list. There has not been an update on either player for awhile, although it feels like Incognito is closer to a possible return. If he can give the Raiders anything over the second half of the season, it would be vital.

Seth Lorenzo (@SethLorenzo8): Do you think it was a mistake for the Raiders not to have had a direct replacement speedster for Henry Ruggs already on the roster given how badly they struggled when he was out last year?

VB: It is hard to store away that type of talent, as players like Ruggs are hard to come by.

That said, there has always been a belief in Zay Jones in a stop-gap situation like the one the Raiders face. Chances are, they will come up with a long-term replacement, but for now, Jones is about as good as you can find on the back end of a roster.

greeneyedbandit (@ThirdCoast409): When will we find out if Javin White has cleared waivers so we can re-sign him and will we sign another WR?

VB: White cleared waivers and is back on the practice squad. He practiced this week. At some point, it is highly likely the Raiders will bring in a veteran wide receiver.

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