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Victor Joecks

Twitter: @victorjoecks

Victor Joecks is a Review-Journal columnist who explores and explains policy issues three days a week in the Opinion section. Previously he served as the executive vice president of the Nevada Policy Research Institute. Victor is also a staff sergeant in Nevada National Guard. Originally from Washington state, Victor received his bachelor’s degree from Hillsdale College.

The Latest
State’s best-funded schools are in poorest neighborhoods

If lawmakers are serious about equity in education funding, they‘ll increase school spending in Nevada’s richest neighborhoods. The highest-income neighborhoods in Clark County receive far less school funding than poorer areas.

Sandoval will determine fate of ESAs

Contrary to what you might have heard, Education Savings Accounts are not dead. They’re very much alive. And they’ll be back again this summer — if Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval wants it so.

The risks of government-funded pre-K

A mega corporation is using skewed research to sell its product to gullible parents. The conglomerate claims to help kids, but its product actually has no effect — or a negative effect — on children’s cognitive skills and social behaviors.

Nevada ‘cutting’ its way to record spending

Telling a lie over and over doesn’t make it true. But it can turn a lie into a narrative. Don’t believe me? Take Nevada’s budget. You’re already hearing that the state’s general fund is about to be cut to the bone.