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NAB 2018

Coverage of the National Association of Broadcasters show, 2018.
CNN has waiver pending to fly drones in Las Vegas

CNN has asked the FAA for permission to fly drones in Las Vegas. Currently, drone pilots must complete a 19-step application process per flight because the city is within the airspace of McCarran International Airport. Las Vegas is one of 53 places in the U.S. where CNN has a waiver pending to fly drones, the […]

Movie posters might soon be based on your clicks

You may have thought you left Blockbuster behind, but the basic way we browse movies hasn’t changed all that much. We peruse poster after poster, kind of like walking the aisles of a ‘90s-era video store. That one poster image, meant to appeal to as many people as possible, is often all we see before […]

A race with a self-driving vehicle in Las Vegas – VIDEO

A self-driving vehicle is making the rounds this week at the National Broadcasters Association show in Las Vegas. The autonomous shuttle runs a short loop with three stops between the Central Hall and South Hall. It moves at about 8 mph, which I thought made it a prime candidate for a footrace. This is what […]

Assistant sheriff talks about Las Vegas shooting during NAB panel

Speaking Tuesday at the annual National Association of Broadcasters convention, Assistant Sheriff Charles Hank said the Metropolitan Police Department wants to avoid future miscommunication like the changing timeline for how the Oct. 1 shooting unfolded.

Golden Knights drive T-Mobile Arena’s success, executive says

The Golden Knights’ debut as the NHL’s most successful first-year expansion team has helped the T-Mobile Arena sell itself as an entertainment destination on the Las Vegas Strip, an arena executive said Tuesday.

5 must-see technologies on display at NAB in Las Vegas

The National Association of Broadcasters Show started Saturday and runs through Thursday in Las Vegas. NAB is a showcase for emerging technology in broadcasting and media. Here are some of the coolest things I saw: 1. Google Smart Displays Google’s upcoming smart displays are the gadgets at NAB that I covet the most. That’s probably […]

The funniest tweets from NAB 2018 so far

The National Association of Broadcasters Show started Saturday in Las Vegas and runs through Thursday. While the show is closed to the public, there’s plenty of humor from the event on Twitter. These are some of the funniest tweets so far: 1. I don’t know what this is, but I definitely need it to do […]

Drones, phones changing way vacationers plan their trips

Advertisements and shows about traveling have moved away from just footage of beaches and cocktails one could find anywhere, to enlisting online personalities to broadcast experiences and draw bookings more organically.

Wave of broadcasting future enables ‘anything to be a screen’

People may begin to watch video on their home walls or windows rather than on their phones and tablets by 2025, a Nokia executive told attendees of the National Association of Broadcasting Show Monday.

5 photos of emerging tech from Las Vegas NAB show history

1980 An RCA camera demonstration.     2003 A 42″ Zenith Plasma TV. John Gurzinski/Las Vegas Review-Journal   2005 A high-definition 3-D presentation at the Panasonic booth. Joe Cavaretta/AP   2006 Floor plans distributed by Segway. Jae C. Hong/AP   2017 Virtual reality glasses. Elizabeth Brumley/Las Vegas Review-Journal

Cost barrier for virtual reality dwindling, expert says at NAB

In his talk Sunday at the National Association of Broadcasters Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, video-editing consultant Jeff Greenberg shared tips to get started in virtual reality.

Facebook to prioritize local news, workers say at NAB

Expect Facebook to starting showing you more videos and local news and events. That’s the strategy two employees of the social media giant explained Sunday at the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas.