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Average price for gas in Nevada is among top 5 highest in country

The average for gasoline in Nevada is now 89-cents higher than the national average, according to data from AAA.

Drivers in the Silver State are paying an average of $4.56 for regular gasoline, the fourth highest price in the country. That’s up from $4.45 at this time last month, and $4.25 compared to last year. Meanwhile, a gallon of diesel is on average $4.13, up from $4.22 last month and $4.46 last year.

“From a demand perspective, we have entered the pre-Memorial Day funk,” AAA spokesperson Andrew Gross said. “And the cost of a barrel of oil is nearly $10 less than two weeks ago, as oil prices have fallen into the upper $70s.”

This, according to Gross, might keep pump prices “somewhat flat for the immediate future.”

The highest prices for gas in Nevada are in Washoe ($5.02), Pershing (4.66), and Mineral ($4.98) counties. The cheapest prices are in Elko ($3.96), Lander ($4.12), White Pine ($4.09) and Nye ($4.13) counties, according to AAA.

Neighboring states with cheaper gas prices are Oregon, Idaho, Utah and Arizona.

California ($5.37), Hawaii ($4.81), and Washington (4.69) are the only states with higher averages than Nevada.

The highest recorded average price for regular gas in Nevada was $5.67 in June 2022, AAA data shows. The record for diesel was $6.04.

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