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Rights and Permissions

How to obtain rights & permissions to use Las Vegas Review-Journal content

This page provides information about using Las Vegas Review-Journal (LVRJ) content, as well as answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about obtaining permission to license content and information regarding linking to reviewjournal.com

To request permission to use LVRJ content, please email your inquiry to reprint@reviewjournal.com.  Please be advised that our standard response time for permission inquiries is two to five business days. Thank you for your patience.  

For permission to use LVRJ article text, with or without accompanying photos or graphic elements (charts, maps, etc.), please submit your request to reprint@reviewjournal.com.  Payment may be required.

For a timely response to your request, please be sure to include all necessary information about the article and your proposed use of it, including:

  • the URL if found online;
  • the article’s headline, author, and date published;
  • a description of how you would like to re-purpose the content, including how many copies you would like to distribute or how many recipients you plan to send it to, and to whom it is being distributed and for what purpose;
  • in what format you would like to receive the article: print, electronic, display use, etc.; and
  • if you plan to use the content for broadcast, please include title of program, synopsis and the rights you need to clear.

For permission to use LVRJ photos and video footage, please submit your request to reprint@reviewjournal.com.



  1. Is permission required to use LVRJ content?

Yes. Permission must always be obtained when using LVRJ content (text, pages, graphics, photos, etc.), and payment may be required. Please be aware that when articles or photographs are attributed to another source, not the LVRJ (Associated Press, Reuters, etc.), permission must be obtained from the source attributed and may also need to be obtained from LVRJ. You will need to contact other sources directly to obtain permission.

  1. Can I get permission to license a photo, video, interactive graphic and/or other multimedia feature? 

Such requests are handled on a case-by-case basis, and payment may be required. Please submit your request to reprint@reviewjournal.com

  1. How do I obtain permission to use a screen shot of any reviewjournal.com page or any LVRJ editorial content for use in a book, publication or broadcast program?

Please submit your request to reprint@reviewjournal.com.  Payment may be required.

  1. May I link to or use LVRJ content on my blog or another website?

Material in the LVRJ, both in print and online, is covered by various copyrights. Editorial material and photographs may not be copied or reproduced without express written permission of the newspaper. However, the newspaper welcomes hyperlinks to its online editorial copy. We request that you utilize the headline and no more than the first two (2) paragraphs of any editorial material linked to.

  1. How do I credit LVRJ for reproduced material once I obtain permission?

Any material reproduced with permission of the newspaper must note, “© Las Vegas Review-Journal, Inc. (year), used with permission.”

If your questions regarding rights and permissions were not answered here, please email your inquiry to reprint@reviewjournal.com  

Thank you for your interest and cooperation.