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rjmagazine 2021 holiday gift guide

Giving Back

1. Ninh Binh Crescent Horn Earrings Made of rattan and ethically sourced buffalo horn by artists in Vietnam; designed and assembled in the U.S. $56,madetrade.com

2. White Hamper Handmade In Senegal Keeps dirty laundry beautifully out of sight while helping preserve a traditional Senegalese weaving style. $178, thelittlemarket.com

3. Moroccan Glass Vase Blush Flowers will beg to sit in this wonderfully complex hand-painted piece. $68,thelittlemarket.com

4. Cat Ring Holder The recipient of this gift needn’t be a cat person to love its colorful whimsy. From Indonesia. $12, fairtradewinds.net

5. Sabina Clutch Perfect for that someone who needs a stylish way to keep it together: cards, documents, even a phone. $79, lazarusartisangoods.com

6. Lanky Wrap Bracelet/Anklet Pistachio Bracelet, ankle wrap — this metal-bead strand, handmade by craftswomen in Guatemala, can do it all. $20,fairtradewinds.net

7. Chili Hot Sauce Flight A spicy gift that also supports small, sustainable farmers in rural areas of the African nation of Eswatini. $78,thelittlemarket.com

Kid’s play

1. Molecube If a Rubik’s cube and Sudoku puzzle had a baby it would be the Molecube — just try to line up one sphere of each color on each side. $20, artofplay.com

2. A Cozy Friend This plush, lavender-scented sloth is filled with flaxseeds that can be heated in the microwave or chilled for extra cuddliness. $30, warmies.com

3. Yoto Player A world of storytelling — without a screen. The child slides a card, from a wide library of fairy tales, Disney yarns, even science programs, into the audio player, and the imagination is carried away.$40,us.yotoplay.com

4. Planet Lollipops What’s your child’s favorite flavor — Earth, Neptune or Pluto? Each planet gets a distinct taste profile in these out-of-this-world treats. $30, uncommongoods.com

5. Classic Fairytale

Pop-up Book Keepsake 3D editions of children’s classics.$40,uncommongoods.com

6. Sound-Activated Light Blocks A rechargeable power base allows kids to make a nearly endless variety of bright geometric objects.$30-$100, uncommongoods.com

Pet Project

1. Las Vegas Raiders Dine-O-Bite Pet Toy

Woof, woof, woof for the home team with this Raiders-branded chew toy, doggone it.$20,sportsunlimitedinc.com

2. Custom Pet Portrait The pet lover on your gift-giving list will thank you forever. $75 and up, search “On the Edge Creations” at etsy.com

3. Furbo Dog Camera What owner doesn’t want to watch their dog day or night, be alerted when they bark or even toss them a treat — all from afar?$159,chewy.com

4. Pride + Groom Fluffy can become even fluffier with a set of fancy grooming products, including “Proud,” a “refreshing, deodorizing and happfying” scent. $16-$30, prideandgroom.com

5. The Book of Dog Poems, The Book of Cat Poems

Shall we compare our adoration of furry friends to a Christmas Day? These new anthologies of cat and dog poems from literary greats will delight all friends, furry and otherwise. $18 each, laurenceking.com

6. BBQ Shirt for Pups and People

A set of matching shirts for pups and their people (men and women) makes a doggone great gift. $38,shopdogthreads.com


1. Ring Light for Laptop Computer Online conferencing is part of our lives now. Help the business person on your list make a bright impression. $12, amazon.com

2. Bose Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses A classic eyewear look meets precision Bose speakers in this stylish must-have. $199, bestbuy.com

3. Philips SmartSleep Connected Sleep and Wake-Up Light

Ideal for the person who wants to smash their alarm clock every morning — this mimics the light of the rising sun for a gentler wake-up. $145,amazon.com

4. Gita Following robot For the person who has everything but a robot that will follow them at pedestrian speeds, carrying 40 pounds of stuff in its cargo bin. $2,950,mygita.com

5. U-turn Orbit Plus Turntable

Because a throwback form doesn’t have to have throwback style. $329, uturnaudio.com

6. SNOO Smart Sleeper The new parents in your life will be able to soothe their baby back to sleep with a combination of white noise and adaptive rocking. Trust us, they’ll thank you at 3 a.m. $1,595, happiestbaby.com

7. Vaonis ST80 Stellina Refractor Digital Telescope Observation Station For the person who has everything but a digital telescope that lets you see the stars on your smartphone or tablet. $3,999, bhphotovideo.com

For the Fun of it

1. Long Distance Friendship Lamp A joint gift for family and close friends: Touch your lamp and wherever they are in the world, their light will illuminate, too. $85-$170,uncommongoods.com

2. Thorness Rockin’ Utensils Kitchen Guitar Shaped Wooden Spoon Serve up sweet licks every time with this rockin’ wooden serving spoon.

$8, kikkerland.com

3. 3D Tic-Tac-Toe

Who needs paper and pen? $49,uncommongoods.com

4. Geode Puzzle A dazzling gem of a puzzle with pieces cut using algorithms making each one as unique as an actual geode. $68, uncommongoods.com

5. Las Sillas Balancing Chair GameStack and balance the miniature chairs to see how high, wide or unusual you can go before gravity wins. Comes with 15 chairs. $95, artofplay.com

6. Animal Multi-Tool This adorable multi-tool includes a flat-head screwdriver, bottle opener, knife, wire stripper, file, screwdriver, and punch.$22, kikkerland.com

7. Las Vegas Pillow

Enjoy the charms of the city’s skyline from the comfort of home with this queen-sized pillow, which also comes in a white “daytime” version. $150, beyondpillows.com

Food & Drink

1. Fizzics Draft Pour Beer Dispenser Converts any can or bottle into a nitro-style draft. Perfect for beer lovers. $129, fizzics.com

2. Gastro Obscura: A Food Adventurer’s Guide A book of delectable, delightful tidbits on food traditions, specialties, secrets and recipes from around the world (including Nevada). $34, barnesandnoble.com

3. Hanukkah Fun Melamine Blue Dreidel Gift Tray The choclates and candies won’t last long, but the Hanukah dreidel gift tray will. $40, ohnuts.com

4. Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker Five minutes start to finish — just what that on-the-go giftee needs. $24, target.com

5. Shiitake Mushroom Log Kit After a few weeks, the recipient of this odd, wonderful item will be in shiitake heaven. $30,uncommongoods.com

6. Popcorn Seasoning Set Spiceology ’Tis the seasoning! Shake up anyone’s popcorn game with this gourmet seasoning set. $36, spiceology.com

7. D. George Benham’s Sonoma Dry Gin Even if Benham’s Dry Gin isn’t really made with “juniper harvested from the jaws of a Tuscan shark” (as proclaimed), it’s genuinely smooth sipping. $30,woodencork.com

For Him

1. Robot Paco Rabanne Phantom Paco Rabanne’s new men’s fragrance (with lavender, lemon and vanilla notes) comes in an eye-catching refillable metal robot dispenser.$100, macys.com

2. Høvel Pencil Plane

Nothing elevates the ordinary more than this elegant sharpener — perfectly on point for the writers or pencilphiles on your list. $80, makerscabinet.com

3. Kilburn II Portable Bluetooth Speaker Someone you love can now rock out in classic rock style.$250, marshallheadphones.com

4. Bryce Harper Hair Clay

Maybe we can’t play ball like Bryce Harper, but we can up our hair game with this lightly coconut-scented styling clay. $22, blindbarber.com

5. Interstellar Electric Skateboard Astronomically expensive, but this Las Vegas company’s high-powered Interstellar electric skateboard kit is made for out-of-this-world fun. $1,200, mboards.com

6. Brass Pocket Sundial A brass sundial (that folds for easy pocket transport) proves old school can be very, very cool indeed. $56, thegrommet.com

For Her

1. Scarves by Las Vegas Artist James Stanford The kaleidoscopic imagery is sourced from Las Vegas signage. Some proceeds help local nonprofits. $350,jamesstanfordart.com

2. 10 Luxe Hand & Body Cream This indulgent moisturizer uses the same anti-aging ingredients in its facial skincare line to banish rough elbows, knees and toes, knees and toes. $184, defenage.com

3. Moderne Monocle

Anjale Silver It’s a nice necklace, yes, but look closer — the pretty pendant doubles as a chic magnifying monocle. $78, modmonocle.com

4. Handmade Ceramic Tray Moroccan artisans use centuries-old techniques to create this handy, hand-painted ceramic tray. $48,thelittlemarket.com

5. Aerin Large Gold Hairbrush Bye-bye bad hair days! This 24-karat gold-coated brush makes for truly luxe locks. $95, aerin.com

6. Not Your Average Lunchbox It may look like a fancy handbag, but this (monogrammable) tote’s insulated interior is made for transporting lunches in serious style. $169, modernpicnic.com

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