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CARTOON: Dueling controversies

While the media focus on New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s latest sexual harassment claim, the COVID nursing home cover-up scandal quietly recedes into the background.

EDITORIAL: Woosh! Clark County flushes taxpayer money

Quest for autopsy record secrecy was a costly boondoggle. At every turn, the coroner’s office — with the County Commission’s approval — obstructed, obfuscated and delayed despite repeatedly losing in court.

CARTOON: The plot thickens

Confronted with charges of sexual harassment, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo apologizes for making women feel uncomfortable.

LETTER: Andrew Cuomo accused of sexual harassment

The governor of New York is facing sexual harassment allegations. Yet no comment from the major Democratic players and little coverage from the major networks.

LETTER: Minimum wage will have inflationary effects

If members of Congress impose such a massive increase in the minimum wage, regardless of how it is stretched it out, how are they going to compensate seniors on fixed incomes?